Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Books, Books, Books - and Book XIII

Books Books Books.  I am in the process of upgrading the library temple suite - Indonesian lanterns; Walnut bookcases; antique desk, barrel and chest.  Going to pick me up a Thoth statue too.  Its going to look gorgeous fam.  Having removed the IKEA bookcases I had, the entire floor is just covered in heaps of books - many of them ex library books.  I pick up the Texts of Taoism and randomly open up a bit of Chuang Tzu to take to the bathroom and what am I offered?

What the world thinks the most valuable exhibition of the Tâo is to be found in books. But books are only a collection of words. Words have what is valuable in them;-- what is valuable in words is the ideas they convey. But those ideas are a sequence of something else;-- and what that something else is cannot be conveyed by words. When the world, because of the value which it attaches to words, commits them to books, that for which it so values them may not deserve to be valued;-- because that which it values is not what is really valuable. Thus it is that what we look at and can see is (only) the outward form and colour, and what we listen to and can hear is (only) names and sounds. Alas! that men of the world should think that form and colour, name and sound, should be sufficient to give them the real nature of the Tâo. The form and colour, the name and sound, are certainly not sufficient to convey its real nature; and so it is that 'the wise do not speak and those who do speak are not wise.' How should the world know that real nature?

Chuang Tzu, Book XIII, Part 10

He's right you know.  I question the value of the books lying scattered around me.  It seems to me the theory here is Tao then Ideas then Words then Books (highly similar to the KBL and cell biology/genetics) but the Tao is beyond our comprehension so we cannot name the ultimate source of ideas. Is Tao consciousness?  I don't know, that seems to be going a bit far although ideas are noetic and the implication is they originate in Tao.  We can't define consciousness either.  Dennett thinks its an illusion but I think Chuang thinks Dennett is an illusion.  Tao is the ultimate indescribable nature of reality.  Thinking of only indirectly contacting this reality through my senses I realise its some kind of science day as well and all my liberal progressive friends are in a science veneration trance on social media.  I am reminded of Parmenides ''On Nature'' where he suggests science is at best informed opinion.  Hmmm.  He continues:

Duke Hwan, seated above in his hall, was (once) reading a book, and the wheelwright Phien was making a wheel below it. Laying aside his hammer and chisel, Phien went up the steps, and said, 'I venture to ask your Grace what words you are reading?' The duke said, 'The words of the sages.' 'Are those sages alive?' Phien continued. 'They are dead,' was the reply. 'Then,' said the other, 'what you, my Ruler, are reading are only the dregs and sediments of those old men.' The duke said, 'How should you, a wheelwright, have anything to say about the book which I am reading? If you can explain yourself, very well; if you cannot, you shall, die!' The wheelwright said, 'Your servant will look at the thing from the point of view of his own art. In making a wheel, if I proceed gently, that is pleasant enough, but the workmanship is not strong; if I proceed violently, that is toilsome and the joinings do not fit. If the movements of my hand are neither (too) gentle nor (too) violent, the idea in my mind is realised. But I cannot tell (how to do this) by word of mouth; there is a knack in it. I cannot teach the knack to my son, nor can my son learn it from me. Thus it is that I am in my seventieth year, and am (still) making wheels in my old age. But these ancients, and what it was not possible for them to convey, are dead and gone:-- so then what you, my Ruler, are reading is but their dregs and sediments!'

Chuang Tzu, Book XIII, Part 11

I like this Wheelwright - books are just bits of corpses and bibliophilia is, in essence, no different to necrophilia.  I look around my blasted temple and see nothing but a catacomb, the leaves of various texts like bits of rotting flesh.  I am decorating my new library temple with their mummified remains. It certainly puts the grim back in grimoires. Thanks Chuang for peeing on my parade.


So it all comes down to ''the knack'' and the relative speed of the hand motions?  What is this knack, our wheelwright is talking about?  Well as I understand it Taoism is all about letting things take their natural course.  Knowledge at its heart is a natural understanding and must be applied.  Talent, a gift for understanding, which is at the heart of all knowledge is inherent, genetic, natural.  In venerating books and authors we're in danger of missing the wood for the trees, of losing our own knack - unless, paradoxically, that happens to be for writing.  An anti-intellectual corrective, Tao style. Although the book pile right now looks like it could easily be set ablaze, Chuang, I think I'll keep them intact, they look nice - and sediment eventually becomes stone.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Time Travel - A.P.E.X. and the War of the Twins

So we were wondering what to watch the other night, trying to decide between It and Day of the Dead when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, I had a flashback to a film I had watched when I was younger and which had confused the hell out of me.  I could only remember the name A.P.E.X. and that it was vaguely about time travel paradoxes and killer robots.  I found it online and I suggested we watch just half an hour because I remember the plot being both confusing and bad - we eventually ended up watching the whole thing.  The reason I am posting this though is that after we had finished watching it my partner noticed that the events of the film take place on April 3rd and it was April 3rd. I was surprised at just how much is stored in the memory, how subtle the triggers can be, and how often our magickal work is about exercising this vast potential, and through memory to time itself.


Does the movie A.P.E.X. itself matter?  Was my angel attempting to draw my attention to something? Well the themes of the film do fall within the realm of what Raziel has been exploring with me.  A.P.E.X. stands for Advanced Prototype Exploration units, robots that were designed to go through portals for the purpose of exploring a new physics of time travel.  If things went wrong then a sterilization unit would be sent to contain any paradoxical timelines by annhilating the people involved in causing them.  An experiment goes wrong and an alternate timeline is birthed on April 3rd 1973 which robots are then sent to sterilize.  This degenerates into these robots being continuously sent from the original timeline which now exists only as that moment and the Earth descending into a Terminator like war for survival with humanity against these machines.  Our protagonist falling through the portal from the original timeline then has to go to the timelab in the paradoxical timeline and try and connect the two 2073s together.  Suffice to say this film does not produce a brilliant treatment of the paradoxes of time travel.

However, Raziel's apocalyptic vision of the end of the world via time traveller swarm does have resonance with the movie as does the appearance of the time travellers themselves and the time of their arrival. I have discussed several times how the insectoid nature of the appearance of certain beings may in fact be time travelling suits of some form.  In my experience, and from dialogue with Raziel, although they have carapaces like the A.P.E.X. units they also have wings, complex eyes and are entirely iridescent.  In the movie, the robots, appearing one after another, systematically lay waste to the Earth with explosive weaponry, but in Raziel's description, the end of humanity comes about due to the wholesale madness induced by suddenly being engulfed in the host of trillions of time travellers - this event coinciding with the death of language.  As my good friend Paul has pointed out this also resonates with the first few chapters of the Book of Enoch.


I have also been rereading the War of the Twins, the 2nd triology from Weis and Hickman, another work which features time travel as the dominant theme.  In this the magic spell that is used to send the twins back in time can only be used for research purposes and no changes can be made in the timeline unless a dwarf, gnome or ''kender'' is sent.  Since these creatures are considered ''mistakes'' of the Gods, they can cause paradoxes.  Raziel would agree with the first point and has detailed as much but would disagree with the second - as the account of the Angel of Secrets is paradox free.

This wasn't in the histories.  Perhaps this means that time has already been altered?  No.  The pitiful sacrifice of these poor creatures was left out not because it did not happen.  It was left out simply because... no one cared.

Raistlin Majere, The War of the Twins, Weis and Hickman

Reflecting on the role of memory one could see how these seed ideas could be used, by Raziel or myself, to bear fruit in this later part of my life.  I found A.P.E.X. confusing when I watched it many many years ago because I had no vocabulary at that point for exploring these issues, just like The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera had such a dramatic impact on me because I had never asked the questions asked in that book - at least not in this life.

One of the reasons why the Tree of Life, explored and rectified, is such an effective tool for the magus is that it allows one not only to tap into one's own reserves of memory in this life and before, but that it provides lightning reflexes when it comes to referencing that memory.  A deeply religious Kabbalistic friend of mine once objected to this notion of the Tree of Life as ''tech'' for psychic boosting and I took his point to heart - the Tree cannot be untangled from religious aspects and in attempting that you are robbing yourself of an incredibly rich part of the experience.  However, this aside, work with Kabbalah and the Tree of Life does improve the working of the mind and leads directly to the development of psychic or prophetic powers.  Although our minds seemingly remember everything that ever happened, these memories are mercifully filtered so we aren't incapacitated by grief, by regret and by nostalgia.  When we work with the memory and increase our sensitivity to stimuli we are also working with the selectivity of it, the judgement to know if you really need that memory right now, that it has utility, that it won't bog you down.  We work with the filter as much as the fluid and its filtrate.*  

I like to think, like many of us do, of the strong influences on my mind and its workings - the corpus of the WMT, Hermetica, Kabbalah, literature, the Great Works, etc - as I favour a strong hypothesis of myself but I often forget or rather do not select ''lesser'' memories like A.P.E.X. or the War of the Twins.  Just because something is eminently forgettable doesn't mean we should forget it. I maintained and still maintain a very militant, unsentimental attitude towards my memory and in 2001, I  destroyed memories through the use of a conjuration of Chronos. This seems like a savage, brutal act but at that point I believed that certain memories I had were encumbering me. I chose an appropriate astrological time and took symbols of the memories (photos, etc) and then ritually destroyed them under the stars - the direct effects of the removal of these blockages were rediscovering a lost soul and the channelling of the text the Metabolism of Time.  But in this act, what difference was there between myself and an APEX robot destroying an aberrant timeline?

*Luna - fluid, Mercury and Venus - filters of remembering and forgetting, Sol - filtrate.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time Travel - Spirits and the WMT

The first questions that Dr Faustus asked Mephistophilis were about his true nature and that of the other damned spirits.  The conclusion of the scene comes when he asks - if spirits are damned/trapped in hell then how can Mephistophilis even be conjured to Earth? - whereupon he is told, Why Faustus, this is hell, nor am I out of it.

Faustus, repent, and God will pity thee.

Good Angel, Dr Faustus, Christopher Marlowe

Its very tricky for a relative outsider such as myself to really gauge whether questions like this have been satisfactorily answered by occult practitioners, or whether anyone has ever really dared to ask them - where do you ''live'', where do you ''come from'', how is it possible that you are here, etc.  The concerns of most so-called sorcerers seem to be about the ''physical'' result of the conjuring i.e. what they are going to get - the cute broad, two homes, becoming Head of Production, 15 million dollars - whatever the ''material'' need/desire was that initiated the conjuring in the first place as opposed to deeper knowledge of the universe and its spiritual workings. When practitioners are pressed for answers, and don't try to evade, either the answers become very woolly or needlessly complicated. Even our more experienced, well spoken practitioners seem to descend into references to different types of plane(s) with lists of cool sounding names (etheric plane, spiritual plane, astral plane, informational plane, noetic plane, logoic plane, ad nauseam) and very little understanding.

Presentism suggests that if the spirit is identified as once living then it is either trapped in the present somehow and carried forward with us from this moment to the next, or in the case of spirits considered non-living (hypercosmic gods, various demons) somehow contacted in/from some other realm/dimension (beyond the hazy veil of whatever plane - see above). Eternalism though provides a lot of explanatory force - entities, including us, are in fact communicating across or through time. This model seems to work really well and I have been applying it to entities encountered through practical work - classifying whether they are from the past or the future. For example with Eternalism a classic repeating ''ghost'' is not trapped in the present, those events occured in the past which still exists/is happening and became entangled with various different points in the timeline.  You can stretch this to say that all spirits are ''humans'' at different points in the timeline.

The problems I encounter with this line of thinking are the spirits (and ''aliens'') which are described as monstrous/non-humanoid and so-called egregores although they are not unsolvable.  As I have mentioned before the Mothman and Mantis like entities I have encountered could easily have been wearing some kind of suit, and this suit may be a necessary feature of whatever means they are using to travel/communicate through space/time - in that sense they could be post-human ''spirits'' from the future.  Similarly reptilian creatures or elementals could be pre-human entities from the past - our common ancestry in DNA weaving us together through time. Egregores would be a projection of the future, as well - so if you are involved with a successful group project that becomes more successful and you communicate with the egregore you are in fact communicating with your own selves in the future and/or viceversa.  A form of mass entanglement if you like.  The same could work with the notion of Gods as real people vs egregore/thought form - in one type of work you are entangling with the actual person the God was originally derived from in another type of work you are mass entangling with the cult itself.  When we are trying to make judgements about the relative truth of these statements and whether they are in line with observations we also have to factor in anything we have imagined on top of the real image/sense effects and the actual lensing/distorting effect of time-travel itself.

I have explored this practically when living at Edward Kelley's Tower.  The Time Phone was going to be used to attempt to communicate with the past and change what had happened by providing Edward Kelley with information that would have led him to be able to avoid some of the incidents that led to his death.  This experiment was never tried because of the untimely death of Vincent Bridges himself.  I personally tried numerous magickal experiments with the phone before that however.  Theoretically the ''phone'' can be used to build a link/connection to the future or the past and then serves as a portal (only for information) between these two positions.  I first discovered this idea when I realised that many of the so-called spooks and spectres of the tower felt like they were alive and were in fact co-locating with us as opposed to something in the past that had been carried forward, I also became increasingly aware of Kelley's (and company) attempts to communicate with the future from his position in the past through observation of these echoes and overlaps.

I am not an Enochian practitioner but one of the experiments involved sending the Calls* back to Kelley, from the future.  After establishing the link by opening the phone, I got the strange sensation that I had to disrobe.  As I lay there naked next to the tower, I was keeping my mind very still and my body perfectly relaxed and as the music grew I observed a tiny white square open in space/time/my mind(?), which opened out into a softly glowing white rectangle about the size of an envelope - this stayed there for about 5 mins as I watched it.  This was the only discernable effect other than a weird blend of tranquility and disquiet.  About three hours later in the evening, there were a series of extreme electrical effects with the power in the tower going crazy, some objects staying on during these oscillations, others cutting off, things powering down and then suddenly roaring back to life with a weird zing sound alongside other lesser but noticeable poltergeist activity, small objects moving around, other strange noises - I was pretty terrified.  There were other experiments with exchanging information in this way but they will be explored in subsequent posts.

It seems to me then that there is no dichotomy between spirit and man and that we can dispense with other ''spiritual'' realms entirely.  We are all spirits or, if you want to flirt with Mephistophilis' darker perception, that we are all damned spirits in hell right now. From the perspective of an entity in the future you would seem, perhaps, to be a ''ghost''; similarly, an entity in the past could be ''conjuring'' you from the future.  How would you know you have been conjured? Where the person in the past may feel the normal effects of conjuring a spirit (they would be some communication, manifestation, etc) from your perspective you may just enter a trance or it could all take place during a dream.  Who is conjuring who? Following this line I would expect in fact that two entangled ''magicians'' where one thinks the other one is a ''spirit'' are likely to both be engaged in some kind of magickal practice at the time, especially in the case of the more legendary experiences.  It is entirely possible that my experiences in the Tower occurred because I was conjured - rather than my own volition sending the Calls back to Kelley, Edward Kelley conjured me.

Thou art a spirit.  God cannot pity thee.

Evil Angel, Dr Faustus, Christopher Marlowe

*These are samples but an entire set of calls was recorded by Vincent and his group and used during that experiment.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The WMT - What I believe

Its not a bizarre idea..?  Tell it to me... Come on.  You can't tell it to me in one sentence they can't put it in TV Guide.  What is this movie you are going to make?  Come on, ''A Boy Joins a Cattle Drive and Learns to Be a Man''..?  ''A Couple Finds a Million Dollars Buried in their Yard...''?  Come on, come on... What is this movie?  Tell me the story.

Charles Fox, Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet

So I was watching a documentary on Scientology the other night and looking down on the egomania, gullibility and general collective insanity that must be necessary to connect with this cult.  Then I had a moment of clarity turned to my partner and confessed that for all my rational over-tones my beliefs are themselves deeply weird and outlandish and I was not one to judge:

 - There is no matter and we exist inside hyper-spherical cells of consciousness that overlap forming a tissue of consensual reality through collective observation

- We have never moved in our entire lives, have always faced forwards, have never perceived anything but our own perception, and have always (felt like we) remained in the effective centre of our cells

- Beyond the edges of the cell membranes of our consciousness lies the bloodstream of time, accessible by lucid dreaming and astral projection

- That this cellular nature extends to the world we seemingly inhabit

- The nature of our being, stripped to the core, is the intertwining of time and anti-time, with anti-time being ''consciousness'' and time being ''matter'' as we know it

- Our imperfect anti-time/consciousness is used to interpret the present, remember the past and predict the future, and work on the Philosopher's Stone thus constitutes refining/perfecting anti-time with the end result of producing universal remedies, elixirs of youth and ultimately time travel

- Our individual characters/personalities/physiologies derive from the ten principles of time necessary in order to digest a single moment and that these characters persist at all scales of existence from simple cells to animals to higher beings

- That you can name/identify a character by looking at their face and body - physiological features being time signatures

- All magickal phenomena including manifestation of spirits result from temporal entanglement - with elementals being a product of entangling with the deep past and angels being a product of entangling with the deep future

- That the future(s) pre-exists and our belief in general free will is an illusion generated as a side effect of anti-time, the free will that we do have rests in being able to select from a small variety of surviving alternate futures at certain key moments with most of the time-stream being effectively dead/non-realisable

- That the world will end by time traveller swarm


As Occulture becomes more and more absorbed by the mainstream and we see various forms of peer pressure, vapidity, chat, bullying and conformism explode in the community it might be worth reminding yourself what you actually believe and doing a quick check for logical contradictions as you go about policing normality. And as our community is increasingly overran by ''spirit-workers'' I can't help but liken it to a Biological Sciences faculty staffed only by Zoologists - cute/fierce animals living in ecosystems with bizarre and interesting feeding habits are fascinating for sure, but do you guys really know what is going on?  If so I have seen precious little evidence of that.  Maybe its time to alter our recruitment policy and bring in a few more who are exploring what's going on on a molecular level, figuratively speaking.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The WMT - Literature, Theatre, Mathematics, Kabbalah

All these little people, out there, that we see.  Y'understand? Fellow asks ''what are they there for?'' Well, Charl, We Don't Know.  But we think, you give the thing to your boy, he gives it to my boy, these people get to eat , they don't have to go beg and get in everybody's face at the airport the whole time.

Bobby Gould, Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet 

Leaders, mentors, teachers and authors have all contributed to the decline in the quality of Occulture by spurning the Blogosphere in favour of other social media in their various attempts to privatise parts of the community.  I do not think that these attempts are inherently bad nor am I condemning attempts to cash in on occult services but the way in which they have manifested have had negative as well as positive implications. Most of those who attempted this, failed, but they did their damage anyway and in their cases there was nothing lasting gained.  The Blogosphere is the single best gift Google could give us, a platform which allows for a diverse spread of different approaches - journalling, essays, theses.  It provides a level playing field, in that you don't have to already have an existing ''brand'', but requires a certain level of sophistication to use and doesn't fall so readily to the lazy demon of chat which has claimed so many of my fellow bloggers. I arrived fairly late to the Blogosphere and was amazed at its richness/diversity and am now unsurprised by the nostalgia for it as Occultniks face another day of interacting in Facebook's generic and demeaning Skinner boxes. People were moving in the opposite direction though - to other platforms more ''accessible'' than Blogging - as on the one hand Facebook allowed authors/teachers who had a product to sell to massively increase their traffic (although it inevitably deflated their allure/mystique and drew traffic from the blogs) and on the other it gave an equal voice to everyone, since it requires no skill or thought to use. I can completely understand those with a financial interest as I use Facebook myself (as an  effective marketing tool in a non-occult area) but I have to ask  - at what cost?  I restrain myself as much as possible from chat, or futile political statements, but I watch with horror at the degrading effect facebook conditioning has had on the quality of my peers and their thinking.  If Blogging is the gym, then Facebook, my friends, is McDonalds.

The ''Third method is the Dramatic,'' perhaps the most attractive of all; certainly it is so to the artist's temperament, for it appeals to his imagination through his aesthetic sense... In the third, identity is attained by sympathy.  It is very difficult for the ordinary man to lose himself completely in the subject of a play or of a novel; but for those who can do so, this method is unquestionably the best.

Magick in Theory and Practice, Aleister Crowley

When Gordon talks about literature as a possible high ground to retreat from the encroaching homogenate I think he is on to something but I would like to add a few other points.   I have been involved with the Theatre scene in Prague for the last ten years and have established myself as an actor and director.  Theatre is an interesting alternative/complement to literature as it allows like minded people to meet in public and the conversations that are stimulated by a particularly interesting play are really rewarding.  Its like literature/philosophy sports for the extroverted active learner. Back in the financial crisis Gerald Celente, in one of his ''recession proof'' economics rants, discussed theatre as one thing that would do really well - as people would be insecure in their atomised state and actually crave the real social network that theatre brings along with the entertainment.  It turned out to be true. This said you have to shop around and I think Theatre of the Absurd has really come of age.  If you can't access the likes of Pinter, Albee, Ionesco, Havel, Stoppard etc on stage then you can always read them (and sometimes watch the National Theatre in the cinema).  I accept that a lot of theatre is a bit shit, but then so are most tv shows, bands, video games, films, etc etc etc.

If you really want dry land then go where virtually no one wants to go - Pure Mathematics.  Various philosophers have made attempts to suggest that maths is a form of language (and therefore proofs could be considered a kind of literature) but I would argue that language is really a form of maths. Think about all the words that describe position in space and time, or sequential order or size, etc - if you include physics then even such qualities as colour/sound can be considered numbers. Other philosophers criticise maths in the same way they criticise science -  as an ideological construct of capitalism which attempts to quantify and qualify everything on the planet and ends up robbing the world of meaning through number.  Maybe this is why there is no love lost for our dynamic duo in this ''animist'', ''shamanic'' contemporary Occulture.

For me the elephant in the room in these kind of discussions always remains Kabbalah.  Such an amazing melting pot of mathematics, science, literature and mysticism that has been left relatively unexplored.  To be fair I would rather the Grimoire hipsters didn't go there but I am still surprised by those ''western'' magi who don't know anything about Kabbalah.  I appreciate there are resources you can access without Kabbalah but, to my mind, those going into areas which are inherently heavily Kabbalistic while lacking basic understanding score very high on the Sphinx test on daring and dangerously low on knowing.  Kabbalah, for me, remains one of the great barriers in Occulture as without a solid foundation in science, linguistics, semiology, history, philosophy, mathematics its not easy to do much with it.  After that the hours of analysis, comparison/contrasting, memorisation and practical work is enough to put off most of the twats. The air is thin up there and thankfully so is the population.   Back in the glory days of Dee, Kelley and Shakespeare - Theatre/Literature, Mathematics and Kabbalah/Alchemy rubbed shoulders freely and they continue to make fine bedfellows.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The WMT - Newton vs Dee, Jupiter vs Saturn

The history of magic is like a Greek tragedy, a parade of incredible minds who paid a heavy price for trying to crash Olympus.  John Dee is a good example. Paracelsus is another.  More recently, we have Crowley and Parsons.  All of these guys were brilliant polymaths and under different circumstances probably would be sitting in the history books next to Newtons, Galileos and Einsteins.

Christopher Knowles, the Secret Sun

Dee saw further than Newton and he paid the price.  Dee was one of the giants, no titans, upon whose shoulders Newton stood, but the Queen's conjurer still maintained a better view.  The people of Saturn are different from the people of Jupiter.  They have sacrificed personal prosperity and the favourable gaze of history to risk staring deeper into the Abyss.  Dee 'read every book in the world' and so was forced to channel one from the future, Liber Logaeth, in order to satisfy his biblio-mania.  They may not remember him that well in the 21st century but Dee is a household name in the 31st.

There's a danger in judging people who were absolutely blown out by magic to have failed in some way.  People dismiss Crowley sometimes saying words to the effect of ''well he died a penniless heroin addict so he can't have been much of a magician.''  Crowley did not haggle for the egg, the price was his sanity, health and personal wealth and he paid it in full.  For a moment the vortex abated, he gazed clearly and knew.  If I am not willing to be stripped to nothing, a skeleton in a cell, then can I ever see what they saw?

Unlike Dee and Crowley, I consider myself, largely, of Jupiterian spirit.  I am committed to prosperity for my community, service to others, easing the labour of my friends, enriching their lives and, most importantly, having fun.  I spend a great deal of my time every week creating comedy with a group of actors and making people laugh.  I have responsibilities to my tribe and my loved ones that I cannot freely abandon to chase Chronos across the cosmos - however much I feel I might want to.  In my mind, Einstein and Newton, like a great many gentlemen scientists, were Jupiterians too - harnessing the forces of the universe, bending them to the service of mankind and dying as men of honour forever enshrined in history.  The Kabbalistic Tzaddikim, the Righteous Ones, could be translated as Jupiterians.

Do you understand anything about electricity Richard?  Well neither do I, all I do is establish a theory about it based on a natural observation.  I write down this theory in the mathematical idiom and obtain several formulae.  Then the engineers come along.  They don't care about anything except the formulae.  They treat electricity like a pimp treats a whore.  They simply exploit it.  They build machines - and a machine can only be used when it becomes independent of the knowledge that lead to its invention  So any fool nowadays can switch on a light or touch off an atomic bomb.  And that's what you want to arrest me for Richard, and its not fair.

Newton, the Physicists, Freidrich Durrenmatt

On this blog, I exercise my secret passion for the Saturnian.  The vast majority of material here is devoted to dealing with life, death, consciousness and time - all Saturnian themes and not those I can freely discuss with the people around me.   The eye will only see what the mind can apprehend and I have learned not to drag people into the void who are not willing to let go of the Earth.  I have a great deal of respect for those who do push out on the path of Divine Melancholia in order to more closely apprehend the truth.  I know that I lack some bravery in this respect and during 2013-2014 the Saturnian dangers of magic were made very real to me - death, madness and heresy.  I fled and lived to try for the mountaintops another day.  To dare is a power of the Sphinx, and without daring, without risk, without challenge, reward, whatever it is, is surely meaningless.  I am reminded of Pan's Labyrinth - here on Earth the lives of Dee et al seem incredibly tragic, on the Astral though, the place they truly called home, their deaths were but the conclusion of a wonderful romance.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Legendary Magick? Curb Your Enthusiasm!

I have noticed a disturbing trend amongst my peers over the last few months - a ''limit your expectations'' screed that is being applied to both magick and technology.  Those on the technological side are telling people to not get excited about the possibilities of virtual reality, etc and that science is entering a period where there will be no genuine innovation and on the magickal side they are telling people that magick is generally a very subtle influence on probability so please don't get into this expecting too many fireworks.

Going back in the day a bit here, there was an argument between various magicians about the manifestation of spirits and what to and what not to expect when it came to them materialising in the room with you.  I was, and still am, on the side of Fr. Assan Chassen who believes that if you don't see them (or sense them in some way) you are not doing it right.  I am not disputing that you can experience results from the work without observing the spirit its simply that you are only experiencing a portion of what is out there.

The truth is that if you are not getting extremely interesting and perhaps ''legendary'' experiences you are probably doing it wrong.  You have ''haggled for the egg'' and therefore cheapened your magic; you have made various compromises in the acquisition of the specific ingredients - which are important moreso as a test of your wits and determination than any intrinsic material quality. You will have cut corners when it comes to ritual purity, astrological timing, repetition of your spell, etc and the experience and results have become weaker.  ''Enflame thy will'' means just that and when you are immolated by this will, this intense blinding focus, this devotion, then your results will not be those of the half-assed casual magus.

Believe me, I understand the need for the screed.  I understand that many delusional people wander into the world of magick and need to learn to discern between reality and their imagination. However, imagination is as vital a tool in the magus as the will and the way in which we curb the enthusiasm should not be deleterious to it.  Wonderful things are possible.  Aspire to them!  Such visions, such splendour, such wisdom.  You will learn to remember the deep past, project into the future, into other worlds, into other souls.  Spirits will bring you knowledge you never had, you will learn to think outside of your mind.  Your life will be alchemically transformed.  Fate will twist in upon itself and carry you to secret places within it.  The skies will open and thunder will crack in ecstasy but only if you are elite. If you are not there, then to get to there you will need a montage.